West Coast Falling ( Canadian style)

West Coast Falling ( Canadian style)

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West Coast Falling ( Canadian style) I would had quit my job already...
Fucking idiot killing zone
Wait, he's cutting down trees like a lumberjack but he's not wearing flannel or skinny jeans and doesn't have a beard. I'm so confused. :D
Largest pair of testicles award goes to this guy
This resource exploitation is the race to nowhere
Well shot and video documented. Beautiful place and idyllic, yet human consumption has driven us to destroy the peace with the sound of a chainsaw and remove a stunning tree.
Even if it’s a Husky 395xp.
The successful smile.
Hello, i am currently looking for a job like this in north america. I currently live in the Netherlands and i am a certified climber and european tree worker. I am looking to up my game in a very beautifull environment and for that move to North America. Could you give me any tips on how to find a job like this over there? Or do you maybe know a company i can contact? Thank you in advance and have a wonderfull day!
assassin of tree
I want to apprentice with an arborist. Do you know anyone in the Puget sound area that would take on an apprentice? williamslaura47@gmail.com
Why does he stand on the branch and not straight from the ground
Nice work bro . Stay safe out there in the woods !!! I watched this video many of times 👍🏻👍🏻 that cedar will make some wonderful lumber 👍🏻👍🏻
Less than 5% of these trees (> 500 yrs old remain). What you're doing is clever but should be considered criminal.
Ein Gefühl als wenn eine Ratte den Tabernakel zerfrisst .
How does this dude drag his huge balls all the way up the side of the mountain?
Wolverine Style
Hey brad are you responsible for cutting the trees on hangman 1128 channel you knowing ins and outs of a tree would appreciate your opinion,
பத்து நிமிஷத்துல வெட்டி சாச்சிட்ட..

இதே மரம் உண்டாகனும்னா அடுத்து எத்தன வருஷம் ஆகும்