Predator (2.2 second run)

Predator (2.2 second run)

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Predator (2.2 second run) Love how they stand around at the end like they don't know what to do, or what they have just done.
倒木しか 切れない チェーンソーに 
Doom Eternal leaked gameplay.
What I thought would be my backup is now my most used saw! I figured it would come in handy to have this for small stuff, limbing, and quick jobs==> but I have been using this more than my gas powered saw! Much more powerful than I expected and the battery lasts longer than I would have thought. We are doing a lot of clean up over the past two months due to recent storms and tornadoes, so this thing is getting a work out and has yet to disappoint! It is also less tiring for long sessions since there is less vibration than there would be with a gas engine and is lighter in weight. Another advantage is the easy start. This has become my go-to saw for all but the biggest trees that I am dealing with.
Good song
what kind of C*nt created such bullsh*it machine... just to cut a tree that was a living part of this world... home of birds and other creatures...
why dont they create something that can save a life for cheaper, health care is already a money sucking life machine.
How about a Hyabusa turbo? Half the weight - twice the power.
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*Salutes to ‘Murican innovation*

*Eats a donut*
Daaaaamn dude
The saw is amazing. The noise or " music " sucks.
So that is how they make pizza.
cool chainsaw ...i like it...
Six and a half MILLION views , after 10 yrs....what , $65K from YouTube ??? that will work.
No radiator. Gotta shut it down the second the cut is finished!
i cut my dick off with this.
No PPE to been seen anywhere...friggen idiots!
Gotta love white people. There's nothing we can't improve on.
crazy, ... i like it ...
These are fuckin men right here.